Everywhere I travel in Sierra Leone, there are goats, sheep and dogs on the roadways. I have always wondered about their behaviour when vehicles come along. The goats always scatter as soon as the horn sounds, the sheep just look up stupidly, and the dogs often chase the vehicle, biting at the tires. Why? I finally got an explanation from one of my colleagues.

A truck driver picked up a goat, a sheep and a dog and agreed to give them a ride to their respective villages for 10,000 Le each. They agreed and climbed into the back of the pickup truck. The goat's village was the first stop, and when the vehicle slowed down he jumped out of the truck and scampered away, not paying his fare and leaving the truck driver swearing and yelling. Unable to catch the goat he proceeded to the next village with the sheep and the dog, after threatening them with terrible things if they didn't pay their fares. The sheep's village was next and he meekly paid his fare to the driver and jumped down to graze at the side of the road, watching the vehicle pull away with a now happy driver. The dog remained in the truck and they proceeded to his village, where he also paid his fee, but with a large bill as he had no change. Before he could react the truck driver gunned the engine and drove away fast, with the dog barking and biting at the tires in an attempt to get the driver to stop and give him his change. From that day forward goats run at the sound of the vehicle to avoid paying for their brother, sheep just watch them come/go stupidly as they have nothing to pay and dogs continue to chase cars to try to get the change.

Now I laugh every time we go through a village...

Another animal factoid....when chickens run really fast (to avoid a vehicle) their heads don't jerk back and forth. And who knew chickens could run so fast?

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